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Public Health Service Line: 

Based on evidence published in 1999 regarding public health in Kansas and an additional epidemiological study published in 2009 regarding reportable diseases in Kansas, a public health campaign is currently underway that will be implemented in 2019 in follow-up to these publications.  
Davidson, J. U. (1999). Improving the public health of Kansas: An overview of recent developments and opportunities that exist.The Kansas Nurse, 74(7), 7-8.
Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health. (2009). Reportable diseases in Kansas: 2009 summary. Retrieved from




In addition to public health campaigns, our healthcare professionals can provide the following healthcare services:

- Immunizations
- School physicals
- Sports physicals
- EPSDT screening
- Family healthcare
- Laboratory monitoring
- Acute care intervention
- Chronic disease management
- Complementary/Alternative referral

Res/Dev/Pub: Davidson, 2007; Last Update, 2019

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