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This page will be added in 2019 and will feature public health campaigns that have been developed in association with public health applied learning experiences for which Magnolia Health has served as a precepting site!  Please check back by the end of the year for these exciting additions!

Here are some examples of public health campaigns that are currently in development:

- HIV Prevention
- Mental Health
- Adolescent Understanding of STDs 
- Reportable Diseases in Kansas
- Interprofessional Collaborative PH Initiatives 

We also have interprofessional collaborative quality improvement projects in the works, so you may want to check back on these initiatives as well:

Agro-Bio Health

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in our interprofessional collaborative quality improvement projects, please note our contact information and forward your resume. We will be compiling our IRB applications for these initiatives in 2019! 

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